Install Python3 via [](` or [Miniconda]( or [Anaconda]( and pip using the recommended method for your platform.

Install Carme

pip install git+

Update Carme

We are currently making lots of updates.

pip install git+ --upgrade

Install Docker

You will also need Docker in order to use Carme. Here is how you [get Docker](

pip install git+

Developer Installation Instructions

Clone the Repository Clone the github repository:

git clone
cd carme

For Conda/Miniconda, then run:

conda create --name carme
source activate carme
conda install -c anaconda pip
pip install -e .

For individuals running (pure) Python:

python3 -m venv carme-env
source bin/activate
pip install --upgrade pip
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install -e .

Running Tests

python test